Flying Blind
The Australian Health Data Series

Flying Blind is a series of three reports dedicated to uncovering the acute levels of data fragmentation existing at all levels of Australia’s health landscape.

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Uma Srinivasan
Senior Research Scientist & Health PhD Mentor

Dr Uma Srinivasan currently works as a research scientist and mentor for Health Market Quality PhD students at the CMCRC. Dr Srinivasan also provides advice surrounding research and product development for health information business intelligence services.

Dr Srinivasan holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales and is currently an Adjunct-Professor at Western Sydney University. Prior to joining the CMCRC Dr Srinivasan worked as the Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO, where led a team of IT professionals, scientists and engineers. She has also worked as a Project Director at the Prince of Wales Hospital Group. Dr Srinivasan has published across a range of fields and is currently interested in network analytics as well as predictive modelling for the healthcare sector.

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Divya Ramachandran
Health Research Analyst

Divya is a Health Research Analyst at the CMCRC’s Health Market Quality program and a Research Assistant with the Prevention Collaboration Centre at the University of Sydney. She has previously held leadership and managerial positions in employee learning and development at IBM and GE. Divya has completed a Masters in Public Health and has interests in chronic disease prevention. She cares about empowering individuals in taking control of their own health – whether by managing their health determinants or making educated healthcare choices.

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Michael Nolan
Health Research Analyst

Michael is a Research Analyst at the CMCRC and also spends time at Lorica Health, one of our commercial spin offs. He’s excited about the possibilities surrounding data analytics in healthcare and is passionate about helping improve health information transparency for all Australians. Michael holds an MPhil in Development Economics from the University of Cambridge. ​

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Cassie Quilty
Health Research Analyst

Cassie is a Research Analyst with the CMCRC. She has a background in higher education and has recently completed a Masters in Management. Her passion is about meeting the future challenges confronting Australia’s health environment. ​

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David Jonas
Head of HMQ

David leads the CMCRC's Health Market Quality research, development and commercialisation program which he started in 2013. He was the founding CEO of the CMCRC's healthcare solutions subsidiary Lorica Health for 6 years and remains on its Board. David has formerly served as the Chief Operating Officer of the CMCRC and the CEO of Capital Markets Technologies.

David is a non-executive director of Infoxchange, a major provider of technology to the not-for-profit sector and social welfare agencies of governments. He founded and led Australia's largest privately held electronic commerce consulting firm, Electronic Trading Concepts (ETC), which was acquired by Securenet (now part of Verizon) in 2000. His ground-breaking involvement in electronic commerce has seen him appointed to a range of Australian and European Union Government bodies. David's background includes 7 years as CTO of a large multinational group of companies.

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Nadia Levin
CEO & Managing Director
Research Australia

Nadia joined Research Australia as its CEO and Managing Director in January 2016. Her career has spanned across a number of complex and highly regulated environments, often those subject to high public scrutiny. Previously, Nadia was a senior executive at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. She held the position of General Manager across a portfolio that included Government, International and External Relations. Nadia successfully integrated these functions to drive greater responsiveness of the opportunities and challenges faced by a multi disciplinary research organisation in both a local and international setting. ​

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Lucy Clynes
Head of Government Relations
Research Australia

Lucy joined Research Australia as Head of Government Relations in May 2016 bringing to the organisation her experience and expertise in Government decision-making and policy development processes. Previously, Lucy was Manager of Government and Community Relations at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation where she managed complex political issues and lead a number of successful funding applications for the organisation, most notably as lead drafter of a successful funding bid for a multimillion-dollar national nuclear medicine facility. Her expertise in policy development is enhanced by her legal background, having previously practiced law.

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Greg Mullins
Head of Policy
Research Australia

Greg has a background in financial services, with employment experience in the community, public and private sectors and a postgraduate diploma in policy and law. His core skills are in policy analysis, governance and compliance. Greg is an effective communicator with a proven capacity in writing submissions, board papers, policy documents, and published articles. He brings strong stakeholder management skills to the role, with the ability to draw on diverse views to achieve agreed positions. He is experienced in working with peak bodies to influence public policy. ​

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Suresh Rao
Digital Health CRC