"Flying Blind"
Australian Consumers and Digital Health

A report about the Australian Health Data Landscape

Next Steps

A holistic view

What information does Nancy need to address her concerns?  Her hip replacement is just one episode in her life. How will it affect her overall health and wellbeing? What were the health outcomes for other patients like her?

In order for the health system to provide consumer-centric healthcare that is efficient, precise and personalized to Nancy and every Australian consumer, a national body such as Digital Health Agency should be given the mandate to increase data availability for use by researchers and other agencies that can inform health policy and funding.

So far we have only focussed on point of service data and the fact that it is massively underutilised in the Australian health system. However, several factors influence the health outcomes and the overall health and wellbeing of a consumer.  The diagram I AM MY DATA  depicts the different types of data that are central to a consumer's health and well being. In a truly digital world point of service data can be joined up with other forms of data such as consumer-volunteered data (including data from personal digital devices) and genomic data to give rise to truly precision personal healthcare in this country.


I am my Data