"Flying Blind"
Australian Consumers and Digital Health

A report about the Australian Health Data Landscape

Consumer Concerns and Perceptions

Consumers desire continuity of care as they navigate healthcare services involving multiple providers. They want the kind of information that will help them understand their healthcare choices and options to assist in the navigation of their specific healthcare journey. While consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of sharing their health data, they remain concerned about issues of privacy, confidentiality and security.


Nancy has no information which will allow her to make an informed decision about her hip replacement. Does she even need one? Which specialist and which hospital are the best for her? How expensive will it be – will it be covered by insurance? Nancy is confused about the healthcare options which are in her best interests. Nancy is flying blind!

Current Scenario:

  • There is currently little awareness in the health sector of robust technologies allowing privacy to be preserved while data is used for research and policy design.
  • Consumers believe they are owners of their health data – and yet rarely get to access that data.
  • If that data is to be used for purposes other than medical treatment, consumers see it as important that their permission and informed consent is sought first.

Consumers like Nancy are flying blind. They are confused about the healthcare options which are in their best interests. 

Nancy's Concerns