"Flying Blind"
Australian Consumers and Digital Health

A report about the Australian Health Data Landscape


The Australian health system collects and generates sufficient high quality data in digital form to support consistent and targeted, real-time, personalised healthcare for all Australians. However, as our study shows, the acute level of data fragmentation that exists today creates an environment in which consumers, their next of kin, their service providers as well those charged with policy, resourcing, management and funding decisions in the public, private and NGO sectors are flying partially or completely blind.  


The Health Market Quality (HMQ) program of CMCRC is focused on the delivery of a wide range of data analytics-driven to positively reform Australia’s inefficient health system, and training of Australia’s next generation of Health Data Scientists to support the rapidly emerging Digital Health environment. At the crux is overcoming data fragmentation across the Health Market.


CMCRC recognises that the quality and completeness of health data is essential to:

  1. Empower consumers to participate in managing their health and evaluate healthcare options
  2. Enable health policy, management and funding organisations to plan, assess and provide high quality, cost effective healthcare and
  3.  support the vital requirement for future-focused medical and health services research


Volume 1 - Australian Consumers and Digital Health is the first of a three part series - Flying Blind: The Australian Health Data Series. It is intended to serve as an important resource for  Australian health.  It focuses on the consumer health journey, and traces the data life cycle, as it unfolds through interactions with health service providers.  Volumes 2 and 3, to be published over the coming months, extend to encompass a view of data from the perspective of funders, policy and regulatory agencies, and research organisations.